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Banquettes and Corporate Parties

Don’t scratch you head over where and how to organize a corporate party. Order a banqueting room and come to the «Lesnaya Skazka»  Mountain Resort & Spa in Almaty. Here everything has been already thought out!

The evening for a birthday of the company, corporate New Year party, 8th of March, 23rd of February and other remarkable dates one may celebrate with pleasure having retained the cascade of emotions and pleasant memories. This is the reason that makes many people come to this place – a desire of extraordinary leisure, feeling of tranquility and coziness.

One of the strongest points of the service in «Lesnaya Skazka» is conduction and organization of corporate parties taking into account Kazakh hospitality.
The banqueting room may be rented in the wonderful Georgian restaurant “Chashnagiri” accommodating 70 persons. Warm ambience, tasty dishes, hospitable personnel and astonishing view of the mountains will bring magic zest to your holiday.

For a greater number of the corporate party participants there are places in the restaurant «Ak-Aul» accommodating 300 persons and having in its arsenal the chefd'oeuvres of national Kazakh cuisine. The rooms here are to be reserved in advance, as your place may be taken by someone else.

To feel the holiday to the full, there are experienced professionals, expert organizers and hosts who can cheer up even the most serious guests. For those who can sing and adore doing it, there is the karaoke nomads tent with an immense list of modern songs for wide audience.

Present the best corporate party to your team!

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