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oi qaragai ACTIVITIES

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Rope Park

FROM 1 600 KZT

Would you like to take part in an adventure film? In the ROPE PARK you can pass the routes laid in the crowns of pine trees! At the height, you will have to take the logs and go through rings, ride a bicycle by cable, fly a bungee, and more than this!

Trolley Park

FROM 3 000 KZT

Would you like to feel like a bird hovering high in the sky? Get a sense of freedom and courage to be yourself? Surrender to the feelings and the power of air? Welcome to the Tien Shan Spirit Trolley Park, the largest trolley park in Asia and the third one in the world in terms of the total length of tracks!

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FROM 1 200 KZT

Welcome to the HORSE CENTER! Here you can ride horses, give your child the joy of contacting these friendly animals, and relieve stress. There is a horse-riding school, a spacious paddock and a riding hall, a petting stable and a variety of horse-riding routes.

Bike Park

FROM 2 000 KZT

Treat yourself to new experiences by passing 16 routes in the climbing park and the unique Via Ferrata track. Without making excessive exhausting efforts, you can reach the top with positive feelings.

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FROM 1 200 KZT

Conquer the peaks, feel the taste of victory! You will find 16 exciting routes of the CLIMBING WALL in the natural terrain! Equipped with special metal ropes and cables, the unique Via Ferrata route will allow you to pass the routes at a greater speed and with less effort.

Hiking Tours

FROM 4 000 KZT

What could be better than a leisurely stroll in the mountains surrounded by your loved ones? Clear mountain air, the scent of firs, bright colors, and breathtaking views will help you to have rest from the city rush. Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka offers you easy, but fascinating HIKING TOURS in the Oi-Qaragai Gorge, across the Ak Tas and Red Ravine plateau, Boar Lake and Bear Lake.

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You are waiting for snow-covered slopes and active rest in Mountain Resort "Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka"! It's time for a real winter adventure! Come with your friends and family and try the best ski slopes developed by Austrian experts! Have fun with the whole family from the heart, a ride down the hill on the "cheesecake"!


See the world upside down! The unique amusement CrazyBall for those who love having new feelings! You can go down from the mountain in a ball, with two seats for passengers secured inside. Somersaulting in the air, changing altitudes, speed and adrenaline in conditions that are absolutely safe for the health.

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