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The paintball club located in the territory of the multifunctional, all-season resort «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa in the mountain canyon near Almaty is the unforgettable active pastime for a family and joyful group of people.


Paintball is a wonderful way to ingeniously and gaily spend time and feel the spirit of unity of the team. The spectacular tactic game in combination with pure air and picturesque nature will bring all the participants tons of fun and positive emotions. If one wants to perfectly spend time with friends or relatives or to organize the off-beat corporate leisure, paintball club is the best option.

The game simulating a real fight has got the military and adventure specialization and will be suitable for those who have got a strategic mindset. One should take a crack at being a fighter even for health: active physical exercises in the fresh air will positively influence on respiratory and locomotor systems. Paintball is democratic, no special training is needed and it allows to show leadership qualities, helps to relieve stress and splash out adrenaline.

The rules are simple: a sport competition between the teams provides for using bullets with special paint - paintball balls that guarantee maximal reality to everything that is going on. A special marker is used as weapon. Such leisure will hardly have the one-time nature: enthusiasm will make you return to the park not once and enjoy the game at its finest.


The game within a corporate party will grant a unique opportunity to distinguish between leaders, bring the teams together, develop the decision-taking skill of the employees in critical conditions, set clear goals and achieve them. The advantage of it is that the camouflage mask and apparel of a fighter blur out the statuses and difference in positions and titles: such a democracy makes all participants equal.
The family leisure in the paintball club will also become unforgettable: it gives a chance to make your life sparkle with new colours and positive emotions, make weekends interesting. The team game will incite unprecedented elation in children and, owing to the efforts of each family member, the mission will be possible.

On the paintball ground in «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa one can also arrange the safe and joyful pastime for the entire family, present the unforgettable sport birthday to the bellowed one and even make paintball trainings regular.


  • Irrespective of the fact whether a paintball player is experienced or green, paintball is open for everyone. However, the underage players should get the permission of parents
  • Before the start all participants undergo the special instruction whereupon they get a basic package. It includes the pass, clean camouflage clothes and protection elements 
  • The territory is unique: the playground size makes it possible to play 10:10. The scenario predetermines the main mission – capture of the rival’s flag
  • Advanced players may rent the ground and apply own weaponry when attacking the enemy
  • For comfortable residence, one may rent a cottage or treehouses and enjoy the game with the enemy several days at a time or even try other types of active leisure and entertainment presented in abundance in «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa
  • The one-time ticket to the park may be bought at the entrance, and one can spend the entire day in «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa
  • Corporate clients are required to reserve the services in advance.

After having finished the fight, you don’t need to leave the park straight ahead. You can regain strength and refresh yourself in the wonderful «Family Café» or by reserving the table at the national or Georgian restaurants located in the territory of the resort.

You can easily organize the creative corporate party and fabulous family leisure with us, and you are sure to like the prices for paintball.

Hours of work

  • on weekdays 10:00 — 17:00
  • on weekends 10:00 — 18:00
Package for 100 shots   Mask, camouflage, gloves, paintball weapon  4800 KZT
Package for 200 shots   Mask, camouflage, gloves, paintball weapon  6000 KZT
Additional balls  Price for 50 balls  1400 KZT 
Shooting in the shooting gallery  Price for 10 shots  200 KZT


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