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Treehouses Village

1 bathroom 1 bathroom
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Meal service to the room Meal service to the room
Terrace Terrace

Every adult dreams of returning to childhood at least for a moment. We have fulfilled the dreams of many people and created a unique project that is one-of-a-kind all over Central Asia – Treehouses! The first stage of construction is completed, and we are happy to invite the guests of our resort to a real forest fairytale «Lesnaya Skazka» Mountain Resort & Spa to live in treehouses. Currently there are 35 comfortable houses of the categories «Standard» (13), «Luxe» (14) and «Premium» (8). Each category is situated at various levels supported by rigid platforms intended for the double-room stay, however, with an option of additional accommodation of up to four persons. The interior of each house differs with its ingenious design and, of course, highest level of comfort.

Our treehouses hit TOP-10 of the best eco-hotels of the world!

If you want to cloister yourself in the silence of pine forest, enjoy morning dawns from a big terrace, have privacy without excess noise, you can confidently choose a treehouse where everything is designed to make your leisure unique. 

Additional bonuses will be ensured by cosy sleeping places, satellite television, separate shower unit and toilet facility, telephone to call the administration, and the most important is a state of pure blissfulness! Our offer for you comfort is an undeniable advantage in the routine rhythm of life.

For more details call +7 727 312 000 8 (ext.7777)

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